Monday, October 4, 2010

BIT Hacks

Write a single line of code for the below operations

1. Set the nth bit to 1.
x = x | (1 << n);

2. Reset the nth bit of number
x = x & ~(1 << n);

3. Toggle the nth bit of the number.
x = x ^ (1 << n);

4. Convert the (right adjusted) n-bit field of x that begins at position p x =(x >> (p+1-n)) & ~(~0 << n);

An important point to note is that none of your operation should overflow the variable in use.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Given a number is power of 2?

Write 1 line code to find whether a number is a power of 2 or not?

To clear the rightmost bit of a number the below utility can be used
n = n & (n-1) (Since n-1 turns off the right most bit and turns on all the bit lower than the rightmost bit)

Now to find the number is power of 2 or not is trivial
if n & (n-1) == 0
but there is a catch for the number of 0 :)
so a simple one liner code will be
return n && !(n & (n - 1));

Count the number of ways .

Lets start with a simple but a tricky one :)

You have n number of chocolates. Your best friend asks for the chocolate but you say that he can take only 1 or maximum 2 chocolates at a time.
Find the number of ways in which your friend can take all the chocolates in any number of times.

Approach :

The first thing to note is that how can you take n chocolates ?
Before having n chocolates you need to have either n-1 or n-2 chocolates (as you can only pick 1 or 2 chocolates).

So if f(n) denotes the number of ways to pick n chocolates then
f(n) = f(n-1) + f(n-2)
Wow it turns out to be a Fibonacci series !!!
Base cases you can work it out  :)

Try the extension of this problem here

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